20 years ago, I started work at 288 Group, straight out of University.  I’m now Managing Director of our collectables businesses.

I was given great opportunities and training in my first few years with 288 Group.  I am now equally committed to give the university and school leavers of today the very best opportunities when starting out their career in Marketing.

For the last 20 years we have taken on around a hundred school leavers and graduates – most with no marketing background at all.  Many are still with us now as senior managers.  Others now have gone on to have successful careers elsewhere, often in Blue Chip companies; often at very senior levels.

Training for success.

The key their success has been a combination of:

  • real jobs from day one
  • well established on-the-job training
  • formal marketing training and qualifications with The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.
  • The SME environment that allows the cream to rise to the surface very quickly

Whilst we consider all good candidates, we are particularly keen on helping enthusiastic young people from the local area get on that Marketing Career Ladder – and you can even still be by the sea!

We’re not obsessed with marketing or business degrees we just ask a few simple things:

  • You are enthusiastic and hardworking
  • You have a good grasp of written English
  • You are reasonable at maths
  • You are interested in the nation’s history and culture
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