288 Group Board of Directors

From left to right: Lucy Mackenzie, Ian Glen, Stephen Allen, Peter Owen, Robin Parkes, Alex Campbell

The Board of Directors

Stephen Allen, Chairman

Stephen began his career during the late 1970s in the new issue stamp business founded by his father, Harry Allen, in 1945.  Building on Harry Allen’s business Stephen launched The Westminster Collection during the 80s to bring commemorative stamp and coin collections to a wider collector audience.  Under Stephen’s direction the company developed expertise in using direct marketing to reach the mass market nationwide.  During 1999 he took 288 Group in a new direction launching Sitters, now one of Britain’s leading childcare services.  With three decades of business experience Stephen is the Chairman and controlling shareholder of 288 Group Ltd.

Ian Glen, Managing Director

Ian joined The Westminster Collection in 1994 after reading History at the University of Oxford.  Initially working as a Product Manager looking after the development and marketing of stamp and coin programmes, he became Marketing Manager in 1996 before joining the Board in 1999.  As Managing Director, Ian is responsible for the company’s collectables’ businesses, with a particular focus on marketing, and in recent years he has overseen the transformation from traditional mail order to a strong online presence, including launching new, digitally-focused business areas, like Change Checker.

Peter Owen, Company Secretary & Finance Director

Peter first joined Harry Allen in 1984 where he gained experience managing a number of departments including trade sales and customer service.  He joined the Board in 1998 as Company Secretary with responsibility also for Personnel.   Today Peter is Finance Director of 288 Group with responsibility for group Finance and HR matters.